Thank you for trusting us with your most valuable asset:
Your health and well-being

Brian’s understanding of pitching biomechanics and his ability to rehabilitate my shoulder injury proved to be unparalleled. He rapidly assessed an ergonomic imbalance and clearly communicated precise solutions. In just three treatments, the problem was completely relieved and I experienced more freedom in the joint than I had in years.
Charles Nagy

MLB Pitching Coach, Los Angeles Angels

Thanks Dorfman Kinesiology!

Tony Hawk

Professional Skateboarder

I wanted to tell you that Maia (14 yrs) had such a fabulous Varsity soccer season and it would not have been possible had she not connected with you! She stayed absolutely healthy and injury free…She joined track as soon as soccer was over and was pulled up to be a sprinter on the Varsity team. She has learned to love ice baths and is taking care of every ache and pain in her muscles with the great stretches that you gave her. Maia also tried out and was invited to play on a very elite team in San Luis Obispo. It’s an Olympic Development Program and she is very excited. We talk you up to everyone we come across who has an injury. I know that you recently saw my friend’s son who is a baseball player and he is as appreciative as Maia is of your knowledge and skills.
Anna Mumford

Mother, Atascadero, CA

I have had lower back/gluteal pain for the last 3 months. I have tried various stretching routines, evaluated my computer posture (lean to the left) considered getting a new mattress and possible dining room chairs to resolve this issue. Then, amazingly, after the first session with Brian’s Lower Back Basics DVD- the pain was absolutely gone! Now it is part of my daily routine.
Susan H

Retired in Morro Bay

The work is spectacular – actually brilliant and intuitive. I had a long-standing problem that was not addressed by insured PT attempts to find a solution. Brian and his therapists identified a likely problem associated with a very tight adductor which, when released, the pain, in another area of my body disappeared.
Lee S


I had suffered from chronic stress fractures and lower leg pain. As a professional triathelete, this problem caused inconsistent training. Brian’s work enabled me to train and race without any breaks due to injury. He not only keeps my fragile areas under control; he also educates me on the biomechanics of my problem and the stretching necessary to keep on track. Without the help and guidance that Brian has given me, my athletic career would have ended prematurely. Brian continues to keep my body at its peak level so that I can maintain the highest level of training and racing possible.
Heather Fuhr

Ironman Champion

I am a professional athlete so it is crucial for me to recover quickly. I have been injured twice due to impact at high speed and underwent ACL reconstruction in both my knees and worked with Brian through each injury. My goal was to be 100% by 6 months. I accomplished this goal with the help of Brian – a complete recovery. Along with his hands-on care of my knees and legs, he gave me stretches to help the muscles loosen up and get the energy flowing properly. Working with Brian has taught me the benefits of stretching, understanding my diet and body alignment/posture. I know I could not have achieved the same results without his treatment.
Shannon Dunn

1998 Olympic Bronze metal winner in Snowboarding; 2000, 2002 Winner - USSA Grand Prix Halfpipe; 2001 Winner - X Games Halfpipe

My injury began as a stiff neck, and developed into chronic pain in my left arm. An MRI showed that I had a herniated disk. A “cervical laminectomy” (a surgical procedure meant to create more space for the pinched nerve) was recommended. I wasn’t quite ready to go under the knife and sought alternative treatment, yet until I began working with Brian, there had been no noticeable improvement. Through specific stretching exercises and altering my posture and body mechanics I became personally involved in my own recovery. Brian helped me understand the nature of my problem better than any other health care professional I had dealt with I am now both bicycling and playing tennis again.
Dan McMullin

University of California, San Diego

Brian’s technique and knowledge of muscle and joint kinesiology has allowed him to loosen my knees, shoulders, elbows, and wrists without surgical intervention. I had arthritis in every joint and almost no range of motion. His massage work, combined with stretch and strengthening have strengthened my joints and returned my flexibility allowing me to stay flexible in the future.
Ben Edwards

Normal Guy

Brian and his team are flat out amazing. Over the past decade, I’ve referred dozens of my student athletes to Brian and his team to help with injury prevention, injury repair, and their wellness recovery and healing protocols. He has my players back in action as quickly as I could ever hope for. Brian also goes out of his way to teach these young men and women how to maintain a strong, flexible and healthy body. Brian has improved my athletes’ performances and their quality of life. I view Brian and his team as an extension of my coaching staff.
Doug Miller

Football & Track Coach, Santa Fe Christian

Thanks for fixing my toe. It’s been bugging me for 5 years but now I’m moving pain free and ready to play.

Jared Dudley

NBA Basketball Player, LA Lakers

Dorfman’s team has been essential for keeping me in top form. Thanks for all your excellent work!
Bucky Lasek

Professional Skateboarder

Brian Dorfman’s professional excellence can only be matched by his honesty, integrity and caring beautiful heart! It is astounding ~ that through the many years of physical challenges ~ Brian has consistently surpassed the medical doctors with accurate diagnosis and non-invasive treatments which have led to rapid recovery!
Joyce B

Nurse in Los Angeles

I’m stoked that you could get pieces that other therapists have been unable to access.
Lolo Jones

Olympic Athlete, Track and Field

“Within five months I was healed and able to play golf without pain.”

Ely Callaway, age 82, had been combating severe pain of the neck, shoulder, and hand for over a year. Conventional medical care and prescription drugs offered only partial relief. Neck surgery was the next recommended step. Brian implemented a daily regimen of stretching, breathing, alignment and biomechanics to cure a 30 year old chronic stiffness. When Ely was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he requested Brian to act as his primary physician.

Ely Callaway

Founder and President, Callaway Golf, Callaway Wines, and President of Burlington Industries.

Brian was the first therapist who explained how my foot issue was going to improve. I followed his advice and all’s good.
Delano Howell

NFL Safety

Thanks for the tune-up during the trials.
Sharon Day

Olympic Athlete, Track and Field

I wanted to personally thank you for the stretching videos you gave me last time I saw you (about 2 or 3 years ago). They have helped me in incredible ways. I was recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, and have been experiencing incredible amounts of pain and sleeplessness. I was informed by my doctor that it is a mild case of the disease and does not appear to be progressive. I will just need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, which includes a lot of healthy eating and stretching! And let me tell you, when I do your stretches consistently I do feel the difference. Thanks again for what you do!
Randy Taylor

San Diego, California

As a 53-year-old man, with a wife and kids, a business requiring massive effort and a passion for hurling my body into outrageous stress as a long distance RaceWalker, it was inevitable I was heading for a physical breakdown. I am certain this fact was no surprise to you, when I darkened you doorstep in severe, chronic pain, which had been steadily getting worse for several years. For one and a half years you have been guiding me towards a solution requiring no drugs, no operations; all I needed was to change my attitude, exercise regularly and get back to the basics of breathing, posture, diet and attitude, which I now firmly believe, will help me remain much more healthy for the rest of my life! In all this I wish to say to you Brian, you have made a most wonderful change in my outlook on my body and its relationships. You have a gift of healing and educating, which I very much admire and enjoy.
Dave Thorpe

Entrepreneur and CEO

I learned that Brian can alleviate many conditions which others believe can only be resolved with surgery.. He’s a wealth of knowledge.
Kathleen Burt

Author, Teacher and Astrologist

I had a debilitating situation in my knee and could barely walk, let alone run long distances. After seeing many massage therapists, doctors, chiropractors and even acupuncturists, the condition was not remedied and I had set an appointment for surgery. Luckily, a friend referred me to Brian before the scheduled date. It took a lot of faith, deep tissue work, stretching exercises and patience, but we eventually got there. Less than 2 years later I ran my first marathon. I then went on to qualify for Team USA, to compete in the World Amateur Duathlon Championship.
Robb Dorf

Entrepreneur and Athlete

After enduring a back problem for 15 years, during which I worked with various healing professionals to no avail, I finally found lasting relief through my work with Brian. His knowledge of the muscles, tissues and joints is augmented by his knowledge of yoga postures and their effect on the body. He educates you on correcting your posture and gives a series of stretches that will be a large part of the work.
Jane M. Sweeney


“Brian saved my athletic career.”

Paula had been unable to train. She had pursued the finest sports medicine professionals in the world, including podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists but none had relieved her deteriorating condition. Brian’s assessment of Paula’s injury revealed chronic tendon, ligament, muscular and bone damage, as well as improper biomechanical movement. Within a month of Brian’s treatment, Paula’s foot was healed and she was running pain-free. She resumed competition at the highest level and won her next Ironman World Championship. Paula and Brian maintain a close relationship while Paula continues to be recognized as one of the greatest athletes in the world.

Paula Newby-Fraser

Ironman World Champion, 8 time winner

My plantar fasciitis (PF) first appeared in July 2012. It was mild for the remainder of 2012. But then I did a 50-mile run in January 2013 and that broke me. My PF was now in the serious/chronic category. I tried a few different paths to recovery, but none working until I found Brian Dorfman in May 2013. It was immediately clear that Brian had a much better understanding of the foot than anyone else I had med up until then.
When I started running again in August 2013, I started with very short runs and I really followed Brian’s time limits. I was able to podium in 4 regional triathlons during the fall of 2013 and earned All American status with USA Triathlon.

Late in 2015, I developed a neck problem, probably due to all the bike miles I have logged in the aero position as a triathlete. Brian and his team have done a great job employing a variety of techniques (massage, cupping, acupuncture, etc) to keep my neck as flexible as possible.

I still have very minor issues with my PF and neck, but I have been able to compete at a world-class level through this because I continue to get regular care from Brian and his team. Since being part of the Dorfman team, I have been able to qualify and compete in 7 different World Championships.”

Craig Zelent

TCSD Ironman & Ironman 70.3 Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach

After my Super Bowl season, I tore my hamstring and was told my NFL career was over. Yet with a few appointments with Brian and his therapists, the problem was 100% resolved. They are really in a league of their own.
Brandon Chillar

NFL Linebacker

Brian, all I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH for working on this dinosaur. I’m a damned lucky guy and you are truly AWESOME. It may sound crazy to you, but it’s truly a bit confusing to be 69 years old and still feeling this great. We would not be enjoying this healthy experience without your unreal expertise. Thank you very much. I absolutely love being what is considered abnormal healthwise by the general population. Please feel free to quote me to anyone. They are also very lucky. I am a really lucky guy.
Gene H

San Diego

Brian is my go-to holistic healer. I have referred him to many of my Yoga students as well as family members. He is intuitive and approaches healing from the inside out. He uses his indepth anatomy and physiology knowledge along with his gift of seeing and feeling the unseen to create a realistic approach to healing. I’ve worked with him on my own personal healing plan and together we have progressed beyond my expectations. He is THE BEST!
Sherry M

Yoga Teacher

I’ve waited 8 years for someone to resolve my leg issue. I never thought I’d fight again, but now I’m getting back into the ring thanks to Brian and his fantastic staff.
Chris Byrd

Former IBF Heavyweight Champion of the World

“I was suffering from a torn hamstring tendon was facing the end of my running career. Brian repaired the hamstring tendon and relieved the chronic cramping.”

Steve had exhausted conventional medical treatment including injections in his hamstrings and medication for the cramps. Steve began a flexibility training program, became pain-free and returned to world-class form.

Steve retains the American record for the mile (3:47), and has run more sub 4-minute miles than any person alive. Steve has 12 American performance records, participated in 3 Olympics, and is an international running legend.

Steve Scott

American record for holder the mile (3:47)

My leg feels great. I’m ready for the Olympics. Thanks!
Kara Patterson

Olympic Athlete, Javelin Throw

I’ve used the exercise sequences in Brian’s books in teaching yoga to my students both advanced and beginners — and the benefit to them has been marked, both physically and emotionally. These books are such a useful teaching tool. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better and move better. I’m looking forward to new editions!
Monique Lonner

Yoga Instructor

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