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Picture of Brian DorfmanBrian Dorfman has been treating patients and teaching for over 25 years. He has extensive knowledge and instructional ability in the areas of kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of movement. Since 1985, Brian has maintained his own injury rehabilitation practice and is an internationally recognized healer.
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Dorfman Kinesiology Clinic

Dorfman Kinesiology Clinic specializes in injury rehabilitation as well as in long-term and unresolved cases of pain and discomfort. Massage therapy is the primary tool used to address patient concerns while movement therapy, biomechanic evaluation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional counseling may be used…
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Picture of Charles Nagy on Brian Dorfman TestimonialBrian’s understanding of pitching biomechanics and his ability to rehabilitate my shoulder injury proved to be unparalled…
Charles Nagy
Pitching Coach – Arizona Diamondbacks

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Health and Wellness

  • • Yoga
  • • Personal Retreats
  • • Massage Therapy
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