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Dorfman Kinesiology specializes in injury rehabilitation as well as in long-term and unresolved cases of pain and discomfort. Massage therapy is the primary tool used to address patient concerns while movement therapy, biomechanical evaluation, Traditional Chinese medicine, and nutritional counseling may be used.

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Stretch . Strengthen . Mobilize . Recover.

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Promotes long-term health, strength & mobility in the low back & hips, while promoting optimal alignment & positioning in those key areas.


Reduce & eliminate pain or discomfort as you build strength & flexibility, relax the nervous system and promote longevity.


For athletes of all levels – designed to enhance longevity, strength, and recovery for the entire body. An integral part of any workout routine.


Engineered with core principles of anatomy & physiology, these programs have helped thousands of individuals with injury rehabilitation & prevention for over 30 years.


Brian and his team are flat out amazing. Over the past decade, I’ve referred dozens of my student athletes to Brian and his team to help with injury prevention, injury repair, and their wellness recovery and healing protocols. He has my players back in action as quickly as I could ever hope for. Brian also goes out of his way to teach these young men and women how to maintain a strong, flexible and healthy body. Brian has improved my athletes’ performances and their quality of life. I view Brian and his team as an extension of my coaching staff.
Doug Miller

Football & Track Coach, Santa Fe Christian

For the past 20 years, I have been so fortunate to know Brian Dorfman and have the benefit of his amazing practice. He is a great diagnostician and with his expert treatments, he has truly helped me recuperate from heart surgery, knee replacement, 4-vertebrae-fusion back surgery, and chemotherapy and resume my physical activities and busy schedule.

He introduced me to therapeutic yoga and showed me how this simple, yet profound practice would keep me flexible with better core strength and balance. Every morning I do his Lower Back Basics stretches to prepare for my busy day. All of his wonderful care, treatments and expertise have enabled me to stay active and travel the world!

L Sorkin


I’ve had 2 major shoulder surgeries & in 2010 was told a full shoulder replacement was needed. I didn’t like this option especially at only 41 years old. With Brian’s magic hands, and use of his stretching videos, I’ve been able to continue my surfing, kiteboarding and open water swimming with this very same shoulder. Thank you, Brian for allowing me to continue successfully with the sports I love.
Kurtis Shipcott

Surfer, Inventor & Entrepreneur


We have dozens of free videos, with stretching, self-massage and postural instructions, that will help you feel better forever from head to toe. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest updates.

“Brian was the first therapist who explained how my foot issue was going to improve. I followed his advice and all’s good.”
Delano Howell
NFL Safety


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