Looking back at 2020, there were a handful of cases that stood out. I consider these to be Miracle cases because they dumbfounded conventional medical practitioners but were effectively resolved by my methods and unique set of protocols.

Sprained Ankle:

“Alana”, a woman in her 40’s, presented with a sprained ankle that had been unresolved for 2 years. I was shocked to learn that, throughout the numerous and varied doctor visits with MRIs, X-rays and more, not once was she advised to use an ace bandage to wrap the ankle, which for me, is the first course of action. Wrapping will reduce swelling and reinforce mobility. It will be the ankle’s best friend.  But instead of using this tried and true method, Alana was put in a boot for over 6 weeks, which is counter-indicated because it encourages immobility, promotes more swelling and calcification, and is counter-productive to resolving the injury. What was also disturbing, and how she ended up in my office, was that the last doctor she saw further aggravated the injury taking an MRI, so they could get the image that proved how severe her injury was!  So, in this case, the diagnostic process not only delayed treatment, but also made the problem worse. While everyone was trying to figure out what was wrong with the ankle, nobody was treating it, which seems silly because everyone knew she had a sprained ankle.

Turf Toe:

Turf Toe is among my top 3 Miracle Cases every year and 2020 was no exception. The term “turf toe” is used for most types of injuries or pain in the big toe, particularly as it relates to athletes. The injury generally occurs in the joint where the toe meets the ball of the foot (the metatarsophalangeal joint) and is the result of an impact that jams or hyper-extends the toe joint. We all know how painful it can be to stub a toe, but this type of assault is worse because it often happens at high speed. Turf toes are painful and debilitating and the American Medical Association is confounded on how to successful treat it.

Most turf toe cases are quickly and easily diagnosed via the conventional medical system, but that’s where quick and easy ends.  The conventional turf toe protocol, which involves wearing a boot and staying off the toe for 4-6 weeks, only prolongs the issue because the joint circulation only improves through movement.  My simple method of taping the toe is revolutionary and in fact, many of those who watched the Super Bowl saw how damaging a turf toe can be to one of the best athletes on the planet. Patrick Mahomes is another of the great athletes who have been hobbled by turf toe and Major League sports is just as confused as the conventional medical system.

Chronic Headaches and Concussions:

“Jamal”, a 16-year-old student athlete, had been dealing with concussive symptoms for nearly two years when he first found his way to my office.  After seeing a dozen doctors with just as many diagnostic tests and procedures, his chronic headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, and fatigue remained.

In general, concussions have been on the rise, especially in youth athletics. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2014, the latest year for these statistics, over 800,000 children received Emergency Room treatment for concussive incidents.  Concussions usually resolve on their own within a few weeks, but the CDC also recognizes a “Post-Concussive Syndrome” (PCS) in which symptoms last for months or longer.

Similar to the Dorfman Kinesiology protocol for sprained ankles and turf toes, our approach to treating a concussion prioritizes resolution of inflammation. Different ideas of posture and alignment are incorporated as well as yoga concepts of stress reduction and breathing.  Specific principles of posture and movement, as demonstrated in the short videos on scapula and head alignment on my website, are critical to increase the circulation flow up to the brain.  We were able to completely change the landscape of Jamal’s case and get him back to normal life. After 6 months of working together, I’m happy to say that he is now at 100% and is back to playing sports full time, focusing in school and living a pain-free life.

While the hands-on work that I bring into treatment is useful, more important is the patient’s compliance and follow through in terms of learning to take care of themselves. And what’s common in all of these cases, is that what needs to happen for an individual to resolve their injuries, is the same thing they need to do to maintain the quality moving forward.  Jamal learned life stills in how to take care of himself, which will give him confidence that he’ll never have these problems again. Everyone I work with is expected to actively participate in their own healing – this is, in fact, what powers their success. Patients often tell me that they couldn’t have done it without me, and I say, yes you could.  It’s your follow through and trust in the process that creates success and allows Miracles to occur. My role is making sure you are successful and that you feel better forever.