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Many of our common daily activities, such as working on the computer, driving a car and talking on the phone, present a constant challenge to our physiology and overall well being. Chronic neck discomfort, stress, and repetitive motion syndrome are often the result and can create a significant barrier to engaging in our professions, household demands, and recreation.
As these activities are an integral part of a modern lifestyle, most people choose to live with pain while others opt for surgery, believing it to be the only remaining solution. Fortunately, there is a proven alternative to both of these options. By following the exercises detailed in Head, Neck and Shoulder Fundamentals, and making them part of a regular routine, the body can learn to compensate for the day-to-day demands placed on us by common events.

Kinesiologist and injury rehabilitation expert Brian Dorfman created the Head, Neck and Shoulder Fundamentals program to help resolve problems in these areas while increasing mobility, strength and comfort. These exercises are precisely sequenced to reinforce correct posture and biomechanics, working to reduce pain and immobility. Once the cycle of pain is broken and the proper movement becomes natural, the stress and tension that so often causes problems in the upper body will also disappear. Maintaining the correct alignment becomes easy and future problems are prevented.

This comprehensive stretching routine takes 22 minutes to complete and includes 12 different exercises that benefit muscles and tendons in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
Head, Neck and Shoulder Fundamentals is available in travel book format.