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Lower Back Basics is comprised of a balance between strengthening and lengthening exercises—the postural muscles are strengthened in order to prevent injury, and the lengthening exercises help combat the compression of the spine, which is a primary cause of pain and discomfort. Because the lower back is intimately connected with the lower digestive organs, the entire digestive system will benefit as well.

Kinesiologist and flexibility expert Brian Dorfman created the Lower Back Basics program to help resolve lower back problems and improve strength and flexibility while reinforcing correct posture and biomechanics. This comprehensive stretching routine takes 22 minutes to complete and includes 12 different exercises that benefit the lower-back muscles and tendons.
Working from a deep understanding of movement and injury rehabilitation, along with 1000’s of hands-on-hours resolving lower back issues, Dorfman selected these specific exercises for their combined effects on the lower back. All the exercises are precisely sequenced and targeted to maximize their results.
Overall, this material is extremely easy to use, yet offers significant relief for the different types of lower back discomfort. Almost anyone can do these exercises and experience positive results.

Lower Back Basics is available in DVD and travel book formats.