I’ve worked with thousands of  feet over the years and have found that one very simple self-massage technique works to relieve tightness and pain in about 99% of all cases.  Whether you have a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis or Morton’s neuroma or simply experience painful and tight feet, you can use this technique and experience positive results.    And it’s got to be the least expensive therapy in town.   All you need is a tennis ball and a floor.

Check out this short video to learn how:

(The AccuPoint self massage tool mentioned in the video, can also be used for relief of tightness and pain in other parts of the body.   SKLZ provides various how-to videos for using the Accupoint on the spine, shoulders and arms.)

Like all other manner of stretches and self-massage,  it is important to start off slow and easy when working on the feet.  Going too deep in the beginning can aggravate the situation and make it worse.  Pay attention to the sensations as you roll the ball in various locations under the foot and   remember to breathe.  You will know that your foot is improving when it becomes less sensitive to the pressure of the ball.  Be patient, go easy, have a ball and your feet will feel better forever.