Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide,with 31 million Americans affected at any given time.  In my previous two post, I made a strong case against the use of pharmaceutical pain killers for chronic lower back pain. Now, in this 3rd and final segment in the series on opioids and pain resolution, I will focus on effective techniques that can be used by almost everyone to help alleviate lower back pain today.

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For Starters:

Lie on your back with bended legs and hands on your knees. As you exhale, pull your knees into your chest and move your lower back down to the floor.  As you inhale, move your knees away from your chest. Repeat. My Lower Back Basic material includes this stretch and more. The full sequence takes 23 minutes and is an excellent investment of your time if you are seeking to alleviate or prevent lower back pain.

Picture of rolling knees in to stretch your lower back Picture of rolling knees out to stretch your lower back




Roll Yourself:

There are many variations on self-massage but my favorite is with a tennis ball or other round object.  I like the Dual Point Massager by SKLZ that can be used just like a tennis ball but with more versatility.

Picture of SKLZ Dual Point Massager for massaging your lower backPosition the ball or other round massager between your body and a relatively hard surface, like a chair or the floor. When sitting or lying down, place the ball under/behind the area of discomfort and apply the right amount of pressure. The sensation should be strong and satisfying, a “good pain” feeling. If you are wincing or gritting your teeth, you need to back off. Once you have adjusted yourself to achieve the right pressure, relax as much as possible, breathe and wait for the sensation to fade. Then roll to the next area and repeat.


Sit Up Straight:

Correct sitting is a must for anyone wishing to improve the health of their lower back.   See my video “The Best Way to Sit” for everything you need to know.    Good posture is so important as it also works to prevent lower back problems from developing in the first place.  Especially for people who sit a lot at work or school.

Although we have consistent success resolving lower back problems, I am the first to acknowledge the important role the patient plays in his or her own treatment.  At Dorfman Kinesiology we are strong advocates of self-care, including exercising, eating well, and doing self-massage. The benefits of self-care are profound and long lasting. Exercising, eating, sleeping well and maintaining proper posture and alignment will take you far along the road to feeling better forever.

If your lower back needs more than self-care, Dorfman Kinesiology is here for you. We offer massage therapy, Yoga therapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture, Chinese Herbal treatment, postural and ergonomic evaluation, nutritional counseling and more.  All of these modalies have been proven over time to be effective in resolving lower back pain. Contact us today to learn how we can help you feel better forever.


Disclaimer: This information is not considered to be a replacement for medical care.  Please consult your physician to learn if these suggestions are right for you.