Here’s a sketch of a shoulder case we fixed at Brian Dorfman Kinesiology.  And it was a serious one.  But, like most other cases that come thru our doors, the Illustration of shoulder painsituation was addressed with a combination of massage, biomechanic adjustment and stretching.

When he finally found his way to our office, Doug was experiencing chronic pain and immobility in his right shoulder.  The problem started with a slight pinching sensation during physical activity.   Within a few months, however, the situation deteriorated to the point where Doug couldn’t lift his arm and his sleep was interrupted nightly because of the pain.  A computer consultant in his mid 40’s, Doug had always lived an active lifestyle, yet was now completely unable to swim, surf or lift weights.    Muscle relaxers and over the counter pain meds had become ineffective.  The pain and immobility were 24/7.

Luckily for Doug, he had worked with us years earlier to resolve a misdiagnosed lower leg injury, and when he was finally ready to deal with the situation, he knew where to go.   (Of course the first question I asked was “What took you so long”?)

Still, after 3 or 4 appointments Doug was pain free and his shoulder had resumed its full range of motion.   Some might ask, how is that even possible?  For me, the answer is easy.  While other practitioners often complicate their diagnosis and subsequent treatment, my approach is simple and straightforward.    As I explained in a previous blog, the shoulder is quite complicated and what can be wrong can be 100 things.  The solution however, 90% of the time, is made up of 3 elemental components.  This system is non-invasive, has no side effects and functions to prevent a later re-occurrence of the problem.  And it is successful even with a shoulder like Doug’s, which was in bad shape and would likely have elicited a recommendation for surgery in an AMA setting.

Picture of sports massage to relieve shoulder painMassage therapy is the first part of the equation.  It is the transformer in a large majority of the cases we see at the clinic.   And Doug’s was no different.  With comprehensive manual manipulation of the shoulder, we were able to relieve the cycle of pain, which then gave us a good chance to fully resolve his condition.  At BDK we are best known for the quality of massage therapy we offer, as well as for our ability to resolve chronic and unresolved cases of pain and discomfort using massage as the primary treatment tool.

Along with the massage therapy, biomechanic adjustment was also vital to Doug’s recovery.   In assessing his activities and exercise routine, we noted some incorrect techniques while lifting weights.   Once Doug made common sense biomechanic adjustments in his workout routine he was good to go.  And the great thing is, in the long run, Doug didn’t have to stop doing what his was doing, he only had to change the way he was doing it.

The third and final component of our rehabilitation plan was all about stretching.   I gave Doug specific pre and post exercise stretches, which he did (and continues to do) without fail.  These stretches helped to heal the injury while keeping the shoulder healthy and preventing future problems.

So if you are experiencing shoulder pain or immobility, give us a call.    With our straight forward, non-invasive protocol we are able to resolve 9 out of 10 shoulder cases just as we did this one.    It’s likely we can help you.   Get a massage, stretch and learn the correct biomechanics at BDK and your shoulder will feel better forever.