It’s amazing how much money is spent on treating pain. If you read my last blog entry (Advice For People Experiencing Back Pain) you know Americans spend $50 billion per year addressing lower back pain alone. Throw in the amount of money spent by knee and shoulder pain suffers, and you’re easily talking about $100 billion in annual spending.

What if I told you could ease lower back discomfort, relax sore neck and shoulder tension, alleviate hip and hamstring tightness, and sooth aching feet and knees, all for under $25. Like most people, you’d be skeptical, but trust me when I tell you that it’s possible.

Look over to the right of this blog post… see that funny-looking ball-in-a-sock-connected-to-a-handle thing? That’s the Spot-On Pain Reliever™, the simplest and most affordable pain management tool available on the market today. Developed by yours truly, I created the Spot-On Pain Reliever because I regularly saw patients who could benefit from self-massage, but who regularly scoffed at the idea of using a standard issue tennis ball at home as a hands-free self-massager.

The Spot-On Pain Reliever — which is so simplistic in its design and use that I’m often blown away that someone else didn’t think of it first — is the ultimate hands-free self-massager. Unlike The Stick, the Theracane, or foam rollers, the Spot-On is entirely hands-free and costs anywhere from one-third to one-half as much.

Like teeth, our muscles, nerves, and circulatory system like to be brushed and flossed (in a manner of speaking of course), and that’s exactly what the Spot-On Pain Reliever does. By getting into hard-to-reach spots that other so-called self-massagers cannot reach or reach as effectively, the Spot-On promotes good circulation, releases endorphins, relaxes tight and uncomfortable muscles, and allows us to learn cause and effect (i.e., if I massage myself in this way, this is what happens, and, this is what happens over time).

If you’re looking for the benefits of massage without the expense, along with a way to experience instant relief with little to no effort, check out the Spot-On Pain Reliever…. the funny-looking ball-in-a-sock-connected-to-a-handle thing that really works!