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Stretches & Self-Massage for the Thumb

Following last month’s post about arthritis in the thumb, we received numerous requests for techniques to prevent and rehabilitate problems in the thumb, wrist and hand.  So here you go. Stretches and Exercises for Thumb Arthritis: This first video offers simple...

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Arthritis of the Thumb

If you are experiencing symptoms of thumb arthritis, you are in good company. Joint pain in the thumb is a very common problem and is considered to be second in prevalence only to arthritis in the knee.  But, what is arthritis, really? Arthritis is a condition that...

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Lower Back Surgery Gone Bad

Basketball is one of my favorite topics and even more so when the Golden State Warriors are crushing it in the play-offs. This post, however, is not about the glory of victory, but about the pain of defeat for the Warrior’s head coach, Steve Kerr. In June 2015, Kerr...

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The Best Turf Toe Remedy

"…As much playing time is now lost in the NFL because of turf toe as ankle sprains, and it has become the most common injury reported by some 600 college players..."    Sports Illustrated – December 1988   A great amount of interest has been paid to “A Fix for...

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Looking Back – Thinking Forward

These days between Christmas and the New Year allow us a unique perspective into both the year behind and the one ahead. It is a wonderful time to look back at our successes, and failures, our joys and sorrows and our relationships, both good and not-so-good, and...

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A Fix for Turf Toe

I continue to receive many emails from high school, college and professional athletes asking for help with turf toe. Early detection and treatment make a big difference in these cases and it can completely change the course of the injury. Utilizing an effective...

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Relax Your Nervous System

The nervous system (NS) is the most sensitive of all the body’s physiological functions. It is also the least understood. Comprised of the brain and spinal chord, along with all the peripheral nerves and neurons that originate in the spine, the nervous system is...

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Talking shop with Brian Dorfman

A Kinesiologist who's certified in yoga and craniosacral therapies, Chinese herbal medicine, and massage, Brian Dorfman embodies the term "holistic healer." At his kinesiology clinic located in Solana Beach, California, he's logged some 25,000 hours of hands-on work,...

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Taking care of your spine

Running clears the mind and compresses the spine. The spinal cord is the brain's messenger. It lives in the center of your vertebra and finds peace when given just the right amount of twist and torque. With long term stress, problems of the spine can range from...

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Start the season in rhythm

Want to get the most from your season? Make sure to maintain flexibility in your pelvic girdle, this will allow you to get the most out of your training and peak race performance. Use these stretches when you need some rhythm or as a pre-run warm up and notice the difference.

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