A Kinesiologist who’s certified in yoga and craniosacral therapies, Chinese herbal medicine, and massage, Brian Dorfman embodies the term “holistic healer.” At his kinesiology clinic located in Solana Beach, California, he’s logged some 25,000 hours of hands-on work, helped scores of world class athletes recover from serious injuries, and taught many more the benefits of practicing yoga.

On Dorfman’s Web site (www.briandorfman.com), you can find out more about his books and videos, which focus on alignment, proper movement, and developing strength.

Yoga Journal: How did you come to combine kinesiology and yoga?
Brian Dorfman: While at college at UCLA, I learned to understand the human system from a scientific point of view. And at the School of Esoteric Science in France, where I studied for a five-year period, I was initiated into the deeper techniques of pranayama and in-depth meditation. No one told me the two practices didn’t go together.

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Nicole Phelps
Yoga Journal – OMPAGE
December 2003