Following last month’s post about arthritis in the thumb, we received numerous requests for techniques to prevent and rehabilitate problems in the thumb, wrist and hand.  So here you go.

Stretches and Exercises for Thumb Arthritis:

This first video offers simple exercises and stretches that have been proven effective in alleviating and preventing immobility and pain in the thumb.  The four exercises demonstrated in the video below have ben specifically designed to counter the negative effects of compression on the thumb, hand and wrist, and to encourage the proper alignment.

All of these stretches focus on opening the hand and creating space in the thumb.  Emphasis is on the basal joint, at the base of the thumb, where pain, discomfort, immobility and arthritis manifest.  Reducing compression and increasing mobility are key to resolving the pain.  Stretching this area is also important for preventing and alleviating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  From fingertips to wrist, and from side to side, these exercises address the whole hand.   Relax the hand and you relax the thumb.

As with any type of stretching, start slowly. Rushing things and pushing past your limits will only delay recovery and may make the problem worse. Stretch only to the threshold of discomfort. Stay here and breathe. Try to relax the affected area.  And, if you ever have any questions about these stretches, please contact me.  I’m available to assist anyone using my products or following my stretching programs. In the unlikely event that you experience a worsening of your symptoms, discontinue immediately.

Massage for Thumb Arthritis:

This second video demonstrates two simple self-massage techniques that can be used in conjunction with stretching for optimal benefits.

In this clip I mention a product called Power Putty which I often recommend to patients with thumb and hand issue. As I stated in the video, you can use the softest putty to start with. The exercise it not about building strength, but rather about expanding the space between the bones in your hand. And similar to the caution I mentioned above, go slowly and gently.  Rushing things and moving beyond your limits will impede your recovery.

In my next blog I’ll present a case study of a woman with serious problems in her hands and thumbs, which had worsened over the years despite various attempts at medical care.   At Dorfman Kinesiology we were able to remedy the problem quickly and permanently using the common sense methods described here.

In the meanwhile, if you suffer from pain and/or immobility in your thumbs, make an appointment with us today and start to feel better forever.

Disclaimer:  These exercises are not suggested as a replacement for medical care.  Please consult your physician before beginning this or any new physical exercise.