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Chew On This

The jaw presents a unique opportunity in that it is both extremely powerful and highly accessible.  Unlike the über-powerful hip joint, which is covered beneath layers of muscle, etc, the jaw is there for the taking, with little between it and me. I started working...

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Focus on the Ankle

The ankle was used as an example in our previous blog for how swelling can affect a joint.  So now, I’m going to back track a bit and go into an overview of the ankle joint, covering its unique features as well as it challenges and strengths.  As I mentioned in that...

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The Underlying Cause

Swelling is a common, yet rarely diagnosed, underlying cause of much physical discomfort.  It is not something that gets photographed in X-rays, MRI’s or CAT scans and as such, remains an invisible, untreated culprit.   Unresolved swelling can lead to serious issues...

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Have Ball on Your Feet

I've worked with thousands of  feet over the years and have found that one very simple self-massage technique works to relieve tightness and pain in about 99% of all cases.  Whether you have a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis or Morton's neuroma or simply experience...

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Happy Feet

We usually don’t give our feet much thought, unless they’re hurting.  (Or we’re getting a new pair of shoes or a pedicure perhaps.) But what I’ve noticed is that, whether you’re a pro athlete or work behind a desk, whether you walk a lot, drive a lot or spend your...

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Shoulder Pain No More

Here’s a sketch of a shoulder case we fixed at Brian Dorfman Kinesiology.  And it was a serious one.  But, like most other cases that come thru our doors, the situation was addressed with a combination of massage, biomechanic adjustment and stretching. When he finally...

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3 Amazing Shoulder Stretches

In this blog I’ll offer a few stretches to help keep your shoulders flexible, healthy and pain-free.  If you are already experiencing discomfort or reduced range of motion these stretches can help work out the kinks.   As with all the other areas I’ve written about...

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Fix Your Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex area in terms of the structure of the bones, joints, musculature and attachments.  It is more involved than the other areas we have written about, such as the lower back, hand and wrist.  In addition, the shoulder is one of the most mobile...

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A Quick Fix for Turf Toe

We’re taking a break from our usual format to talk about "Turf Toe", an injury suffered by one of our favorite football players, Bart Scott of the NY Jets, as well as many of his peers in the NFL and NBA.  Scott had played in 119 consecutive games since 2004, yet was...

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Cure Back Pain Without Steroid Injections

As I have written a ­­lot in these pages about lower back pain, its causes and cures, I feel compelled to address the current outbreak of fungal meningitis that has been linked to a steroid treatment for lower back pain.   In this procedure steroids are injected into...

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